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Being experts in Bricklaying services, we also handle all types of work that require extensive brick repair work and installation. Chimneys are built with a wide use of bricks, so its repair is considered to be important to remove soot and creosote that builds up inside.


More about Our chimney repair Services

Chimneys are often an overlooked part of the roof and many assume they’ll have no issues with them, but like everything they deteriorate over time and can cause chimney roof leaks.

Chimney Leaks can occur for numerous reasons and can lead to major inconveniences in your home. Melbourne is no stranger to severe weather conditions, and masonry chimneys can be prone to water damage.

Water damage can cause blockages to the chimney flue, damage the lining, and result in problems with bricks becoming loose and broken. Chimneys with water damage can not only be inconvenient, but also dangerous and impact the health of those who reside in your household.

A leaking chimney can cause damp within your house which can lead to both health problems and a lot of expense. It is thus important to keep not only your roof but your chimney well maintained.

If any leaks or issues arise it is important to get it fixed as soon as possible to avoid costly fixes and ill health. There are multiple reasons your chimney may be causing roof leaks, all of which are preventable or fixable. Here are 4 reasons why you may experience roof leaks from your chimney:

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